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Get Comprehensive SEO, Social and Branding report for any website. Website analysis has never been so easy before. Compare with your competitor’s website. Get actionable insight for measurable improvements.Its Totally Free

how it Work

Checkmysite Features

  • SEO

    Check if your website is optimised for SEO. Take action on negative points.

  • Keywords

    Find out if keywords on your website page title, description and page content match.

  • Speed

    Page load time and page size are both important. Is your website loading too slow?

  • Safety

    Website visitors always prefer a safe and secure experience. Measure it for yourself.

  • HTML

    Check front-end development aspects of your website to find out areas of improvement.

  • Usage

    Getting enough visitors? Check visitor data of you website through multiple graphs.

  • Mobile

    Find out if your website is optimized for all mobile devices.

  • Technology

    Technical aspects of a website, right from server location to programming language.

  • Social

    Check and analyze which pages are drawing maximum social engagement.

  • Domain & Hosting

    Keep track of your domain details, right from expiry dates to availability.

The Most Powerful Website Analysis Tool for Small & Medium Businesses

The most feature packed website analysis tool with intuitive user interface to make your job easy


Frequently Asked Questions

1 Do you show real time data or previous search results like some others do?

You will get real time data, every time you check a website.

2 Is there any limit on number of websites one could check?

No, you can check as many websites as you want.

3 Are there any premium features for which i have to pay?

CheckMySite is absolutely free. More power to you!

4 How can i get regular updates on my website improvement?

You could check your website URL weekly or as often as you want. If you are investing time and effort to improve your website you will see the changes realtime. We always crawl and show realtime data instead of showing old results from database.

5 I am looking for more data points, i do not see out here. Can you do something about it?

We will keep adding more features and data points regularly. Stay tuned! We will inform you as soon as we come up with new features.